Top 5 worst verses in the Qur’an

Here is a list of the top 5 worst verses in the Qur’an. Be aware, some of them are quite repulsive and truly frightening … “This is what Allah says… ‘Now go and strike the Infidel and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox … Read more

The Quran Challenge

If you engage in a debate with a Muslim, one challenge that just might pop up is the claim that the Qu’ran is a miracle and that nobody can ever produce anything like it. This comes from a couple of verses within the Qu’ran itself … And if ye are in doubt concerning that which … Read more

Radical Muslim Scholars demand UN impose worldwide ban on ‘Contempt of Religion’

The following has been reported … Earlier this week, the Qatar-based international Union of Muslim Scholars– headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual guide of Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood– called upon the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal.In a statement released on Tuesday, the Union said that there should be “protection for ‘prophets’” and urged … Read more

Responding to Islamic Violence – Which Interpretation of the Quran is the right one?

Adam Walker, Spokesperson of the London based Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, has written an article in the Independent entitled “Are peaceful Muslims in denial about their religion?“, and there he makes a case for the Quran being fundamentally a non-violent text. Such a stance is of course to be applauded … oh but wait, there is a bit … Read more