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The_Atheist_Quran_-_A_parody___can_you_tell_the_difference__-_YouTubeIf you engage in a debate with a Muslim, one challenge that just might pop up is the claim that the Qu’ran is a miracle and that nobody can ever produce anything like it. This comes from a couple of verses within the Qu’ran itself …

And if ye are in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto Our slave (Muhammad), then produce a surah of the like thereof, and call your witness beside Allah if ye are truthful. – 2:23

Say: Verily, though mankind and the jinn should assemble to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like thereof though they were helpers one of another. – 17:88

OK, suppose we took this seriously and decided to give it a go, who then gets to decide if the challenge has been met or has failed? The problem is that there is no way to come to a truly objective conclusion, and so it the eyes of some, a proposed new surah would have met the challenge, but always in the eyes of those that believe it would have failed because their belief tells them it is not possible.

There are of course lots famous works of literature, many of which are truly beautiful, inspirational and stand the test of time, for example Shakespeare, Dickens, etc… and never before them or since them has anybody produced a work that is on par with their writings. Yikes, its a miracle, both Shakespeare and Dickens must be divine prophets of no human can truly replicate their great works. If I made such a claim then you would laugh at me because clearly both Shakespeare and Dickens are works of fiction, but then I would argue that so is the Qu’ran.

So has anybody had a go?

Of course, for example The True Furqan was a Christian attempt to do just that, and the reaction is exactly as you might anticipate. The believes reject it as having failed the challenge, and those that don’t embrace the Qu’ran as truth, consider the challenge to have been well met.

If curious, you can judge it for yourself, here is a PDF of it.

Here is another example – ex-Muslim author Saif Rahman has produced a wonderful example that truly does fully meet and robustly beat the challenge. He published it only a few days ago on 3rd June. It consists of fake Quranic verses written in Arabic in its “inimitable” style and annoted in English, using the same language, poetry, rhythm, literary form and meter as the Quran. Recited by a professional Qari, Arabic by Monaiza Misou and English translation courtesy of Hassan Radwan.

Here it is on YouTube …

So does it meet the challenge?

The commenters under it certainly think so, here are a few of them …

professional recitation with a perfect intonation ..enjoyed (Saudi Arabia)

And the grammar isn’t clear in some parts. Just like the Qur’an, bravo

I will memorise this and use it in salat when my parents force me to pray.

Even the Islamic Historian Tom Holland thinks it is good.

It has been 4 days since it was posted and so far when it comes to votes, it wins because by a huge majority it gets positive votes, so we can by popular vote declare the challenge well and truly met.


If you play it on a mobile phone you can’t see the English annotations within video so here is the full English transcript …

In science and reason we seek help. Long live atheism the Mighty.

1. A writing we wrote and presented in Arabic and we have arranged it well in arranging.
2. In order to make clear to those who have gone astray that what came to them was a human book.
3. And the oppressors who misled people and made up interpretations in their book a great deal.
4. They said so let the deniers bring verses written like it.
5. If they do that then we will not be embarrassed to say it is sufficient.
6. Do those who believe in the Qur’an think we cannot bring the like of it.
7. Nay, we are able to bring the like of that which came to them and much more rational in elucidation
8. Don’t you see they fight with each other over the Qur’an, arguing & disputing enormously.
9. Did not your companion say that the sun orbits around the earth.
10. And that your Lord descends in the last third of the night, when the last third of the night on earth is constant.
11. And when knowledge from the scientists reached you making clear the cause of night and day and how it is the earth that orbits the sun.
12. You denied it and instead believed a group from amongst you, each one having different views about it and declaring it night and day.
13. And you set about greatly contriving explanations in order to find a way of solving and re-evaluating.
14. As for those who denied and insisted and became arrogant, they said how can we say that when the prophet came with the opposite many times and repeatedly.
15. Look how they differ in their affair while following the same religion, and take diverse routes and diverge in their views. Indeed they are a people who don’t want to reflect deeply.
16. And they made between them and those who don’t support them a enclosed barrier.
17. And they said don’t listen to them they are just saying lies.
18. Didn’t you criticise the ancestors from before when they said don’t listen to the Qur’an. Here you are today saying the same thing.
19. You have denied science and the scientists when they say something different.
20. Yet when the science is certain and the truth is clear and are undeniable facts you say that was already written in the book.
21. They will say what you have brought (i.e these verses) is not the same as what came to us, say nay! and your preventing people from listening to it is proof.

Science has spoken the truth and the religious lie.

17 thoughts on “The Quran Challenge”

  1. I know, man. They’re constantly sacrificing meaning for an Arabic rhyme, which is uncharacteristic of the Qur’an. Anyone who knows even a little Qur’an would instantly know how bad this is. They even stole phraseology from the Qur’an, which is hilarious. Not to mention the grammatical and spelling errors. Another attempt at the challenge that horribly failed. May Allah (SWT) guide these people like He guided us.

  2. I know dude I genuinely died laughing reading this it’s like we’re genuinely so lucky ALLAH (SWT) guided us to the right path. I genuinely feel sympathy for these people but I mean all jokes aside I can’t imagine being in your place guys.
    So I’m sorry I’m sure some really bad things must have happened to you for you to get here but don’t be scared of us or worry about proving a point to us we aren’t going to answer for anyone but ourselves and you guys should start figuring out how your going to defend yourself to God because your literally challenging your creator and all I have to say is May Allah protect our ummah from becoming like this.

  3. Lmao you guys are the one throwing a hissy fit. The Quran has a lot more then poetry. It literally has stuff in there that scientists are just learning about can you do that ? You can’t no one can except God! But I’m not here to defend ALLAH for he can do that himself but you guys are making a mockery of yourself so nice work ! Get a life guys God knows how long you spent on this shit lmao

  4. Non-Muslim academic here. The video is supposedly recited by a Qari, but it seems he does not even know the proper rules of recitation, the tajweed!

    In the very first line, the “Qari” puts the qalqalah (echo) on the letter meem, which is wrong. Qalqalah is applied to a few letters of the Arabic alphabet, and meem is definitely NOT one of them. In my opinion, this alone disqualifies the posted atheist recitation as superior or on par with the Qur’an.

    I actually would like to see someone create a poetic imitation with adherence to tajweed. Would be very interesting indeed!

  5. Stupidity level at top, i do read stupid stuff but this i would give a 5*+ stupidity rating reaching its top… good luck with ur hard effort to prove ur stupidity… Quran mentioned about such idiots like u in the chapter two verses between 6 to 18 very clearly… oh & yeah ur welcome to check the translation so u would know.. my recommending advice is, just read the translation of the reference i gave & after u read go stand infront of a mirror & have a look… & laugh at the stupid clown u see from the it

    • Translation: “I really don’t like this posting, so I’ll respond by throwing a hissy-fit, tossing all my toys out of my pram, and then storm away in a huff“.

  6. Yes. I have.

    And here is a chapter like the Quran.

    1 The Opening

    In the name of Jesus Christ, most merciful, most giving,
    Praise be to You, Creator of the worlds
    For from You all things came into being and to You all things will return.
    Just Judge in the Day of Judgement,
    It is You we give thanks to and You we ask to be forgiven of sin, for You alone are LORD.
    Guide our minds and beings to the straight and narrow path.
    the path that leads to the truth and the life. You, O LORD, are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It is You we follow.

    2 The message

    In the name of Jesus Christ, the gracious, the merciful

    I Am the Son of God, I AM the Living One, I am the solid Body of the Most High. I AM the great I AM.
    Have I not said to you, ‘you can not go to the Father unless through me first?’ Let those with ears to hear, hear.
    This book my servant writes for you shall be like a lamp unto thy feet. A guide for those willing to follow Me.
    If the Quran was the right and straight way, where am I? Where are my teachings? What was my death and resurrection for? For I tell you now, it was the perfect sacrifice for the atonement of sins.
    How is it that you can go to the Father unwashed of your sins? You can not! I have said and will say again, you must go through me. I AM the PASSOVER LAMB.
    For those who believe I was the atonement for sin, that I am the Passover Lamb that rose from the dead. I have the Power and Authority to save and forgive sin.
    Those who believe in Me shall not die but have eternal life.
    These are those who are on the journey of the straight and narrow path.
    As for those who disbelieve- why do you disbelieve? Do you know that I wish for none to perish? Be not afraid, for I AM Gentle and Humble at heart. I can do all things! I AM who I AM.
    Do you believe when I led Israel across the Red Sea when I parted it for them, that Pharaoh and his men finally believed in Me, the God of Israel!? That is how the Last Days will be, yes, sadly.
    And if I wish for none to perish, do you say it is impossible for Me? For I tell you nothing is denied Me. Nothing is impossible for Me.
    Why do you question in your hearts about the wicked? Why do you say they are wicked? Am I not the Just Judge? The Only Judge, I tell you. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned.
    I have commanded you to love your neighbors as yourself. Yes I even said to love your enemies. So why condemn others to a place you yourself would not want to go? You see the speck in your brothers eye but do not see the log that is in your own. So love my friend, love your neighbors. Yes, I tell you everyone is your neighbor!
    Did you not know that there is no one righteous? No, not even one! Humble yourselves before Me and before others. Cast off pride! What are you proud for? Love is not proud and does not boast about themselves.
    Instead let others praise you and be proud of the accomplishments of your brother. Yes rejoice with them. Please stop praising yourselves.
    (working on the rest)

  7. The Quran is called a Miracle for a reason. It has prophecies throughout. Some of the prophecies have come true, some will in future.
    The fake verses that you guys create are just verses with absolutely no in-built prophecies.
    Anyone can do that.

  8. I am literally laughing hard at this Honestly, did any of you really think you could copy the Qur’an? I don’t wanna be disrespectful but as muslim, your claims only want me to clinge more to my religion, honestly brother. Man the Quran has not only beautiful poetry, rhythm or the likes, it also has prophecies that actually came true and that we see in our every day life. For example Surah Khawthar is the shortest surah in the Quran, it has only three lines and ten words in all. Brother, this surah contains 30+ literary devices and a reward+a curse+a prophecy. Do you still think you can beat the Quran??? And btw stop wasting your time, i mean how many times science has changed, proven wrong and had to be corrected. If you’re a student of science I’m really disappointed. And yeah if you are not ‘sincerely’ searching for the truth then you’ll never find it. If you hate Islam or whatever, why wasting your time doing unfounded research and writing articles??? Please, let me give you an advice with all the respect in the world, if you are truthful to yourself and really want the truth in all this, open your heart and instead of wishing to find fault, wish for yourself to find the truth and then God will guide you.

  9. Sorry but it does not surmount the Quran challenge. First of all it should be written in Arabic (where the true miracle is) and it must also have rhythm and rhyme and not be (poetry) as the Quran is not prose or poetry. I would like to see those words translated into Arabic with the same rhythm and rhyme as the Quran. Let’s see if the meaning of your words can convert into the same meaning after being translated in Arabic and have rhythm and rhyme as the same time.


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