Quackery Alert: WHO ICD-11 Endorses TCM


Welcome to my acronym soup quackery alert. OK, let’s start with a few definitions so that all is clear. WHO – The World Health Organization ICD-11 – The International Classification of Diseases version 11 TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine Soooo … to explain my cryptic title, the latest version of the official WHO International Classification of … Read more

Burzynski Quackery … some updates, and some good news.

I’ve a few Burzynski quackery updates for you. First is the news that Rhys Morgan, the 17-year-old skeptical blogger, has an article published in today’s UK Guardian (now that is impressive). He writes  about the details behind the Burzynski saga and then finishes with a very good quote that nails it … “[Plaintiffs] cannot, by simply … Read more