Is Any Psychic a Speaker for the Dead?


When it comes to getting a message via a psychic, it is worth understanding that after many multiple decades of “research” the specific quantity of credible evidence that verifies that anything supernatural is going on is exactly zero. You have basically two types of practitioners … fraudsters who are leveraging grief to enrich themselves the … Read more

How can you spot a real psychic?

Over in New York the news is that a ring of fake psychics has been shutdown. As reported here … There is no future for a phony psychic network thanks to the federal prosecutors. A Long Island-based marketing group, its direct-mail accomplices, and two self-professed clairvoyants are now barred from using the U.S. mail to dupe … Read more

Flordia Psychic found guilty of fraud and sent to jail

First the basics – there are no psychic powers Before we start, let’s clarify one very important point … Nobody has “Psychic” powers, they do not exist and have never been successfully demonstrated under controlled conditions. Or to put that another way … they are all frauds … no exceptions. Ah but it is not … Read more

Famous Psychics and the $1 Million challenge

Not too long ago, the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) appeared on ABC’s Primetime Nightline where some famous psychics put their trickery up on display. It was obvious to most what was going on, the psychics knew before the show who they were doing a reading on, and … gasp … came back with information readily available via google, yet when asked to do a reading for others, declined with some excuse.

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