Baked Alaska Temperature Records

alaska temperature records

NOAA Climate.Goc has published details of the record breaking temperatures currently being measured in Alaska under the title “High temperatures smash all-time records in Alaska in early July 2019“. What they are reporting is not simply a few degrees above average, but 20 to 30 degrees higher than normal in some locations … On July … Read more

NOAA: Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record

warmest years - 2018 NOAA report

It is now official. After a delay of weeks due to the US government shutdown, NOAA have published the full final details for 2018 on 6th February – “Last year was one of the warmest years ever recorded.” Interestingly enough, that last sentence above is now a familiar turn of phrase and no longer a … Read more

Arctic Report Card: It’s worse than you think


Starting in 2006 an annual Arctic report card has been published by NOAA. The 2018 Report card is now available, and it is not exactly good news. The more appropriate word is perhaps “dire”. The 2018 Report Card Here is a brief summary of it all … Highlights Surface air temperatures in the Arctic continued to … Read more