Tagging a claim as a “Breitbart Claim” is to more or less tag it as a “Fake News” claim, because this is a source that has no credibility for either accuracy or honesty. That’s not a specifically left wing vs right wing slur, but rather is a reflection of the […]

Breitbart Claim: “Study finds nearly all recent Global warming fabricated”

Victoria Herrmann, President and Managing Director of the Arctic Institute and a National Geographic explorer, has written a potentially important article …   As an Arctic researcher, I’m used to gaps in data. Just over 1% of US Arctic waters have been surveyed to modern standards. In truth, some of the maps we […]

Victoria Herrmann: “I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations”

A rather regular part of office life is the fire drill, an evert that you really do hope never happens when it is tipping down outside. When standing in the car park on one such occasion, I commented that this was a complete waste of time. In response , a colleague told us […]

Is the Effort to copy and preserve U.S. climate data paranoia or appropriate? – #Climate