Trump! … What the Hell happened?

I listened last night to one chap from Breitbart being interviewed about things, and as he gushed he was (quite rightly) challenged by the guy interviewing him about the rather obnoxious rhetoric the Trump had deployed during the campaign. There is no denying any of that, I very much doubt you could find anybody who was not … Read more

How can we effectively reach out to Trump Supporters?

You might think that perhaps a religious decree from the religious top would do the trick and would be an effective means for the reality-distortion barrier that prevails to be effectively breached. Apparently not, and we have a real example of that. In 2015 Pope Francis issued a 184 page declaration that Climate Change was … Read more

Donald Trump meets Michael Moore – #WeAreAllMuslim

Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, author, and journalist, went and stood outside Trump tower with a sign that reads “We are all Muslim” (pictured above), then when finally moved on by the police, he went home, sat down and wrote Mr Trump the following letter … FROM: Michael Moore TO: Donald J. Trump Dear Donald Trump: You … Read more

What if … we had Wikileaks back in 2000? – Michael Moore

Michael Moore has posted $20,000 of his own money to bail Julian Assange and has offered all his IT facilities to keep Wikileaks rolling … why? He makes a very good case with points such as these … We were taken to war in Iraq on a lie. Hundreds of thousands are now dead. Just … Read more