Some Statistics have inspired Ken Ham to be rather surprised, shocked and saddened

If Mr Ham has some statistics that have left him feeling sad, then it is quite distinctly possible that we have a set of statistics that point towards the world becoming an even better place. OK, so what is this all about? Well the story here is that Young Earth Creationist, Ken Ham, blogs his … Read more

The Meaning of Life … according to Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham’s latest posting (12th Sept) is one in which he plays the, “Without God you have no meaning” card, and apparently his heart breaks because there are people out there who do not align their thinking with his. He also plays this card as well … The Bible makes it clear that everyone knows … Read more

Bizarre Claim: Aliens are going to hell

The Huff Po has an article that presents us with this …  Creationist Ken Ham Says Aliens Will Go To Hell So Let’s Stop Looking For Them Creationist Ken Ham, who recently debated Bill Nye the Science Guy over the origins of the universe, is calling for an end to the search for extraterrestrial life because aliens probably … Read more

Ken Ham – “Creationists are not science deniers”

Nobody ever thinks to themselves, “I believe in things that are simply not scientific or true”, but rather we all hold positions that we are sure are correct. If this is indeed the case, then why is there a prevailing confidence in some minds regarding ideas and thoughts that have been truly discredited? … now that actually is … Read more