State Funds to be used to Keep Noah’s ark afloat

You might, or perhaps might not be aware, that there exists a Museum in Kentucky that vigorously promotes the rather daft idea that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Back in the 17th Century James Ussher, the Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland, sat down and calculated the age of the earth by using the genealogies contained … Read more

Dinosaurs at the creation museum – how is this possible?

Do you even wonder how the young-earth creationists manage to cope with some rather obvious bits of evidence such as Dinosaur bones? Well, you need wonder no more, because Ken ham has announced that they are getting their very own real dinosaur in his Creation Museum and that it will soon be on display … Last year, the … Read more

Ham on Nye the #CreationDebate – One further post debate thought

OK, so I blogged about it in detail yesterday and truly thought I was done, but no, an article has appeared in the Guardian that provokes me to return once again to the topic – “Bill Nye v Ken Ham: should scientists bother to debate creationism?“. The argument is one that I do have a … Read more

Creationist Debate: Ken Ham vs Bill Nye – It’s today, but is it a good idea?

Today is the day that Ken Ham, the creationist kook (boo), and Bill Nye the science guy (yea), go head to head in debate … oh sorry, did I betray an ever so slight bias there? Well, the facts are that creationism has no evidence, zero, nada, zilch and is just wrong. There is no … Read more