Weekly Weird Religious News

weird religious news - darwin banned in Turkish education

When thinking about weird religious news during the past seven days, perhaps one of the weirdest to go public was yet another end-of-the-world prediction. The weird bit is not that the prediction popped up, but rather that some took it seriously and some media outlets vigorously promoted it. Since I’ve already blogged earlier in the week … Read more

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

Is “Weird” an appropriate term to utilise when faced with some of the quite frankly bizarre things that many of the religiously inspired feel the need to promote? There are of course other words such as “eccentric” or “strange”. The potential criticism is that such terms alienate and divide between humanity and “them” and so … Read more

$100,000 to prove God doesn’t exist

Alas yes, once again it is time for the almost daily religious ritual of “Let’s shift the burden of proof” gambit. Today’s example comes from deep inside the religious bubble of Evangelical pastor and Internet celebrity Joshua Feuerstein, and yes, it’s the guy in the red baseball cap who has previously made himself famous by promoting some rather silly … Read more