Iran offers new bounty of $600,000 for the murder of Salman Rushdie

Now that sanctions are being lifted in Iran and they finally have funds, one of the very first things that they have decided to spend it on is a bounty for the murder of a foreign citizen whose only crime was to write a book (shudders, oh the horror). The UKs Independent reports … Forty state-run Iranian media … Read more

Essay: Imagine no heaven – Salman Rushdie

Imagine no heaven – Salman Rushdie Written in 1999 and published in the UK’s Guardian – The six billionth person was born this week into a world still plagued by religious conflict and oppression. Salman Rushdie has an important message for this new member of the human race Dear little Six Billionth Living Person: As … Read more

Salman Rushdie writing memoir of years in hiding

There is a Reuters news report that Salman Rushdie is working on a memoir about his hidden years The 63-year-old said of the memoir that there was an “information vacuum” to fill, and that he finally felt it was time to confront a difficult period in his life. “I’m beginning to write this memoir,” Rushdie … Read more