Intelligent Design

Darwin Devolves
Biochemist Michael Behe of Lehigh University has a new book that will shortly emerge titled “Darwin Devolves”. While it will be a huge hit amongst Creationists, the wider scientific community will simply eye-roll and move on beyond this train wreck. It is not out until the end of the month, […]

New Creationist Book: “Darwin Devolves”

Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design is the idea that life as we know it was designed and that evolution is a myth. It is essentially creationism dressed up to sound sciency and so the claim is presented without all the religious terminology. This topic has popped up because the Discovery Institute, the primary […]

Is Intelligent Design scientific?

Somebody at the Discovery Institute came across an old interview with Brian Josephson done as part of a CBS documentary. They are now highlighting it as “evidence” for Intelligent Design on the blog “Evolution News”. … He compares design in evolution to human creativity, and concedes that his ideas about ID […]

Claim: “Nobel laureate Brian Josephson supports Intelligent Design”

Just how truly weird can claims made by serious intelligent people become? The answer would appear to be really really weird, because this latest example is truly quite stunning. David Klinghoffer, an author and Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute, the organization that is the driving force behind the intelligent design movement has written an […]

Really daft claim: “Atheism Is a Religion, and Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos Seek Converts”

One of the many variations of modern creationism (the folks that claim ‘god did it’ is the right answer) is called “Intelligent Design”. There they attempt to refute evolution via the promotion of scientific evidence for an intelligent designer, and also attempt to make it more palatable by omitting all religious terms from what […]

Claims of Peer Review for Intelligent Design examined … and debunked