Claims of Peer Review for Intelligent Design examined … and debunked

One of the many variations of modern creationism (the folks that claim ‘god did it’ is the right answer) is called “Intelligent Design”. There they attempt to refute evolution via the promotion of scientific evidence for an intelligent designer, and also attempt to make it more palatable by omitting all religious terms from what is essentially a religious claim. … Read more

Unintelligent design … the debate continues

As a parody of “Intelligent design”, Keith Gilmour, a UK-based secondary school teacher set up a website called “The Centre for Unintelligent design” last year. In response Creationists have been popping up and scribbling a few daft claims to him to put him right … except what they are claiming is simply making them look even sillier … Read more

Unintelligent Design

I always suggest that whenever you are faced with crazy claims, the best response is not to rant and rave, but instead deploy wit, satire and humour. Take evolution for example, there are folks who not only sincerely tout the thought that it is not true and that “god did it” is a better answer, but they also … Read more

UK Centre for Intelligent Stupidity

An article appeared in the Guardian a few days ago announcing … UK Centre for Intelligent Design claims it will focus on science, not religion The Centre for Intelligent Design features a video introduction from Dr Alastair Noble, who has argued that ID should not be excluded from the study of origins. He says, among … Read more