Ellen DeGeneres Responds To Anti-Gay “One Million Moms” Group

Last week, a Christian group called One Million Moms called on JC Penney to fire new spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres because she’s gay. JC Penney then released a statement saying it stands by DeGeneres. Now, in a clip that will air on her show Wednesday 8th Feb, DeGeneres gives her direct reply …

If you liked that, then you might like to the 1 Million Moms against the conservative group One Million Moms. Just to make that 100% clear, these folks want you to register your support against the nutty “One Million Moms group (who apparently can’t count because they sure as heck don’t have 4,000,000 members).

As for Ellen … her values far exceed these lunatics … this is what she says …

‘Here are the values I stand for. I stand for honestly, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people they way you want to be treated and helping those in need.’

Incidentally, the Reddit folks appear to have been having fun trolling the One Million Moms facebook page .. and so the OMM have hidden it again. They hide their facebook page any time they get negative media coverage. It has happened many times before, and will happen again.

You know what, it might be an idea to actually sign up to the One Million Moms mailing list so that you can know which groups this hate group are busy targeting next. You can then go out of your way to call or otherwise contact that group thanking them for their work (in most circumstances), most often by using the e-mail form provided by One Million Moms.

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