Preacher Gives a Familiar Speech Against Gay Rights, but With a Surprising Twist

This is not a new story, but rather is an old one that dates back to 2012. The Friendly Atheist has been highlighting some of his older postings on Facebook, and while this goes back a few years, it was new to me. The context is a council meeting in Springfield, Missouri where testimony is being offered … Read more

Daft Claim: “Equality Will Destroy Moral Foundation Of The World”

In a truly bizarre twist, Rick Santorum, the self-appointed representative of the folks who claim to hold the high moral ground, is claiming that equality will destroy the moral foundation of the world. Over in the HuffPo we learn this as follows … During an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Santorum doubled down on earlier … Read more

Emma Watson’s speech at the UN provokes backlash against her – #HeForShe

Emma Watson, yes from harry Potter (she will no doubt carry that association for the rest of hurt life), has made a speech at the UN a couple of days ago that has provoked quite a  reaction. She called for all men to be slaughtered and demanded that the UN immediately proceed with this plan … Read more

Gay marriage decision: a blow to the enemies of equality

As always, its the folks who cling to ancient texts that strive to keep us all chained in the dark ages. With the pretense of preserving morality, hate groups like the National Organisation for Marriage (Nom), has spent tens of millions of dollars as they strive to suppress basic rights from so many Americans. Now … Read more