Ted Cruz is ‘Lucifer in the flesh’, says former speaker John Boehner

Currently the leading Republican candidate is Trump, but the race for nomination is not over yet, he has a rival – Ted Cruz. Now knowing what you know about Trump, specifically the racism, intolerance, misogyney, and outright utter lunacy that he spouts, then you might indeed be tempted to think that many Republicans would be … Read more

#FreeHugsProject attends Trump and Sanders rallies – result tells you everything

Here is a small fun and very practical demonstration of how things really are. Members of the #FreeHugsProject (yes, that is a real thing and has been so for 10 years), attended a Trump Rally, and of course they were welcomed with open arms? … er no, not exactly, but instead The Trump supporters behaved as you might anticipate … Read more

Election Time – BHA questions for your MP – #GE2015

Hey now this is interesting, the British Humanist Association has set up a facility that enables you to automatically send a series of questions to your local candidates. You start with their suggested text, but you can modify it of course You then enter your name, address and postcode. The system works out who is … Read more

Charles Darwin got 4,000 votes in the last US election

Seriously, he really did, it was not simply some chap with the same name, but the well-known author of “On the Origin of Species” and UK Naturalist, Charles Darwin, a non US citizen. Despite having died over 130 years ago he actually did get 4,000 votes in Athens-Clarke County in a congressional race last week, so apparently being dead is … Read more

I will not be voting …

… specifically because I’m not a US citizen and don’t reside in the US (is that a good enough reason?). If I could and was going to vote, well far be it Obama from me to Obama tell you who Obama to vote for, but you could Obama, read my Obama mind and take a wild Obama … Read more