Internet Petition to clean up Google Scholar

I’m sure you are familiar with Google Scholar .. its basically Google with its search scope narrowed down to scholarly literature such as articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions … all sourced from reliable and trusted academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Sounds great. Alas, a little problem has … Read more

Irreducible complexity explained

Creationists, the folks who truly believe that evolution is a myth and that instead some magic man in the sky magically poofed life into existence, have an argument known as “Irreducible complexity”. Basically its an argument that pretends to be science … but its not. Time and time again, it has been debunked, yet the … Read more

A monument to pure stupidity

There exists a Creation Museum out in Kentucky run by “Answers in Genesis”. They believe in the literal text of Genesis, young earth, evolution is a myth … etc… the usual Creationist kooky stuff … or so I thought. I’ve always considered them to be nuts, but until now I simply did not appreciate how … Read more

Another Truly delicious dissection of a nutter by PZ

OK, lets start with the bad news first. Apparently Oklahoma has elected a nutter, and the first step taken by this new legislator is that he has announced his intention to introduce creationism into Oklahoma schools … (insert stunned silence here) … Sigh! … I guess it was going to happen at some point, given … Read more

Creationist Propaganda – The Deceivers

In the middle of an on-line debate a couple of days ago, I made the factual observation that there were zero scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals that supported intelligent design. As a response by a Creationist, I was sent the following “evidence” that is apparently proof that evolution has now been discredited … The … Read more