#Antarctic ice shelf collapse could raise sea level by 10 feet in your lifetime

What is going on under Pine Island Glacier’s ice shelf is something that appears to be remote, distant, and even potentially irrelevant to most of us. Unfortunately, what actually happens there has the potential to greatly impact not just millions, but tens of millions of human lives over the next 100 years or so. OK, so let’s … Read more

#GreatBarrierReef has suffered worst bleaching on record in 2016 – #climate

The BBC and other News sources are reporting the news that the Great Barrier Reef has suffered its worst bleaching on record in 2016 … Higher water temperatures in 2016 caused the worst destruction of corals ever recorded on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a study has found. Some 67% of corals died in the reef’s worst-hit … Read more

Captain Cook’s detailed records confirm warming – #climate #arctic

During the summer of 1778 the famous explorer and cartographer Captain Cook was well into his third voyage of discovery. When he set sail in 1776 the public had been advised that it was to return the Pacific Islander, Omai to Tahiti, but the real motive was was to locate a Northwest Passage around the American continent. After dropping off Omai, the expedition … Read more

WMO provisional Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2016

The World Meteorological Organisation is an intergovernmental NGO with a membership of 191 Member States and Territories. It was founded in 1873. Well OK, that’s a tad misleading. It was originally known as the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), and was re-badged with its current name in 1950. Their remit is to be the UN’s specialist for all things weather … Read more

Something rather startling is happening to Sea Ice – #Arctic #ClimateChange

As we roll through the months the quantity of Arctic sea ice will of course follow natural seasonal variations. In recent decades it has been observed that it is very much in decline overall, but to some degree this Arctic sea ice loss has been balanced out by a corresponding gain of sea ice in the Antarctic, … Read more

Brian Cox vs senior Australian politician who rejects Climate Change

There are a few stories doing the rounds of the clash on live Australian TV between UK Physicist Brian Cox and the Climate change denying senior Australian politician, Malcolm Roberts, so let’s take a look and see what happened. The background here is that Mr Roberts had earlier issued a challenge for anybody to show him evidence that … Read more