July 2016 was the Hottest July ever in human history

Well, its official, the numbers are now in for last July and as expected it was hot on a global scale. To be precise, it was the hottest July ever recorded in human history and broke all previous records. What is quite frankly astonishing is that every single month this year has been a record … Read more

Climate Change: ‘The extraordinary years have become the normal years’

The old normal is gone, we are now watching an astonishing degree of unprecedented change happening in the Arctic. Chris Mooney writes in the Washington Post about the proceedings of a group a scientists who study Arctic climate system. They have been having a meeting in Washington DC at the National Press Club that was sponsored by SEARCH (the … Read more

Shock horror, “Jet Stream Crosses Equator” … oh wait …

The UK’s Independent reports the rather startling news that … Scientists warn of ‘global climate emergency’ over jet stream shift Experts say drastic weather changes could cause ‘massive hits to food supply’ and ‘death of winter’ Environmental scientists have declared a “global climate emergency” after the Northern hemisphere jet stream was found to have crossed the equator, bringing … Read more

Climate records continue to be shattered

Climate Change relentlessly rolls forward. 2015 was the warmest year on record ever, but 2016 is now well on track to shatter that record. Consider this … Oct 2015 was the warmest Oct ever. Nov 2015 was the warmest Nov ever. Dec 2015 was the warmest Dec ever. Jan 2016 was the warmest Jan ever. … Read more

The consensus on Climate change … is it really 97%? – #Climate

Often discussions on Climate Change will have the observation that there is a 97% consensus that it is all quite real, and since that message is getting out it is very often quoted … Ever so slight flaw, in reality it is not 97% of scientists who agree, and so that prompts a few questions such … Read more

Study predicts imminent irreversible planetary collapse

Some scary stuff is on the horizon …  we’re on a much worse collision course with Mother Nature than currently thought. In Approaching a state-shift in Earth’s biosphere, a paper just published in Nature, the authors, whose expertise spans a multitude of disciplines, suggest our planet’s ecosystems are careenng towards an imminent, irreversible collapse. The … Read more