Did we really go to the Moon?

was the moon landing faked

The “Moon Landing was a Hoax” claim is a very old trope these days, so much so, that it is a popular bit of cultural mythology. Are there really people who seriously embrace such conspiracy thinking? Very much indeed yes. To grasp that you need to remember that we live in a world where some … Read more

Did Buzz Aldrin see a UFO? (Hint: .. No).

Buzz Aldrin

The UK’s Daily Star ran a story last Sunday in which they claimed that Buzz Aldrin not only saw a UFO when on his way to the moon, but actually passed a lie detector test and so it has all been confirmed … MOON walker Buzz Aldrin and three other astronauts have passed lie detector … Read more

How to be truly obnoxious

I never cease to be amazed at how a deeply embraced belief can motivate some individuals to behave in a truly abhorrent manner. Now you are perhaps thinking that I’m talking about religious belief, and perhaps I am because some religious people can behave towards others in a deeply offensive manner, for example by declaring that all … Read more