BBC reporting on Climate Change


In the not too recent past the BBC has managed to make a complete hash of their climate change reporting. Last August 2017 Al Gore was in the UK promoting the sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth”. The BBC quite rightly interviewed him on the BBC’s Radio 4 flagship program “Today”, a slot that literally millions tune into … Read more

Silence of the BBC: Reply and Rebuttal


A couple of days ago I was posting about the ongoing silence of the BBC when it comes to covering these topics as News … The scandals around the Brexit referendum. The Leave campaign broke the law The interference by Russia in the Brexit vote. Nick Cohen write a blistering article in NYR that slow … Read more

The stunning silence of the BBC


There are some stories of vital national importance to the UK and yet the BBC has chosen to remain more or less silent. I’m specifically referring to … The scandals around the Brexit referendum. The Leave campaign were not simply a tad naughty, they broke the law The interference by Russia in the Brexit vote. Arron … Read more

BBC Apology – Lord Lawson’s unchallenged climate denial


Back last August Al Gore was interviewed by the BBC during his visit to the UK when he was here to promote his new movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power”. For the sake of “balance” the BBC also decided to invite well-known climate denialist Lord Lawson to say a few words afterwards, and that response … Read more

Lord Lawson vs Al Gore – BBC Interview #climate

Nigel Lawson (now Lord Lawson) is well-known for having been part of Margret Thatcher’s Conservative government in the 1980s where he held the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer for six years. If discussing politics or perhaps economics, then he does indeed have a considerable depth of experience to leverage and will be listened to by many. … Read more

Religious group demands airtime on BBC

So the news is that Voice for Justice UK, a religious group, has presented a 12,000 signature petition to the BBC demanding that the BBC should not take up proposals to reduce Christian programs and that they should also fire their current Head of Religion and Ethics, Aaqil Amhed, simply because he is not Christian. Their representative, … Read more