Dr. Oz goes full quack with Astrology

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is a well known proponent of alternative medicine quackery, but when he recently promoted Astrology on twitter as a health solution it surprised some of his critics. The push back he received was well-deserved. Given the degree of embarrassment, he quickly deleted the tweet, but once it is out there then it is … Read more

MP on select committee proposed Astrology as an NHS cure in the UK

Last month the Conservative MP David Tredinnick, a well-known alternative medicine and astrology nut, gave an interview to the Astrological Journal, in which he suggested that prophecy could be used to treat patients in the NHS. He wrote … “There would be a huge row over resources. However, I do believe that astrology and complementary medicine would help take … Read more

Astrology is a science … in India

From the, “Are they fracking insane” school comes the astonishing news that Astrology is a science, or at least so some claim. You simply do not need to be a rocket scientist to work it out, yet apparently the Bombay high court can’t, and has apparently departed reality and taken flight off into la-la land … Read more

Should we debunk astrologers more respectfully?

The title of the Blog posting in Today’s Guardian here is “Should we debunk astrologers more respectfully?” … Ah, a challenging question indeed … <pauses for less than a second to consider it> … OK, the short answer is … “No, its complete Bollocks”. Practitioners of this gibberish are conning folks out of money by … Read more

Astrologers angered by stars

You do of course appreciate that Astrology is complete bullshit … at least I hope you do. Yes, OK a few folks read what has been word-crafted for their sign in the papers, but nobody actually truly believes there is anything real going on. Ah well strictly speaking, thats not quite true, there are indeed … Read more