The Battle against Anti-Vaccine ignorance


A couple of days ago Newsweek published a fabulous article titled “9 ANTI-VAXXER MYTHS DEBUNKED“. There they proceed to demolish these 9 myths … Vaccinations cause autism. Vaccines don’t really work. Vaccines contain toxins. Vaccines can overwhelm a baby’s immune system. Natural immunity is safer than vaccine-acquired immunity. There are effective natural and homeopathic alternatives … Read moreThe Battle against Anti-Vaccine ignorance

Weekly Weird Religious News

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Weird Religious News is my weekly posting of three news items that popped up during the past seven days. Here is this week’s selection. Item 1 – Muslim Anti-Vaxxers Partly to Blame for Indonesia’s Fatal Diphtheria Crisis Diphtheria is an infection that can lead to difficulty breathing, heart failure, paralysis, and even death. For rather obvious reasons … Read moreWeekly Weird Religious News

How do you persuade an Anti-Vaxer to change their mind?


From last August there is a great Canadian article that lays out a good way to effectively communicate to people who have serious doubts about vaccines. It is worth reading in full, but since they have proposed seven steps, I’d like to chime on and comment on each myself. There was and still is a … Read moreHow do you persuade an Anti-Vaxer to change their mind?

Anti-vaccine rates may finally be declining


Vaccination not only works, but it works well. Smallpox is gone, and Polio, Tetanus, and Measles, have all been greatly restricted. Nobody would seriously advocate a return to the 18th century, a time when as many as 400,000 europeans died each and every year of smallpox alone, and yet the arise of an anti-vaccine movement … Read moreAnti-vaccine rates may finally be declining

This week’s Insanity: Invitation to a Chickenpox party

One manifestation of the rising tide of the non-scientific anti-vaccine movement has been the arrival of the pox party. The idea is that when somebody has a kid who has chickenpox they hold a party and invite all their friends around so that their kids can catch it and thus get it all over and done with early. … Read moreThis week’s Insanity: Invitation to a Chickenpox party