Weird Religious News – “Down is up, up is down”

weird cults
Support for Trump has a cult like status.

Permit me to welcome you to a distinctly different universe, one inhabited by right-wing religious zealots who spout an endless stream of utterly weird and truly bizarre claims that are not factual. It is continuous and apparently never-ending.

One thing is highly predictable – if they assert something, then there is a high probability that it is not true.

Are all religious people like this?

No, not at all, most are not. It takes a very special blend of right-wing politics and religious belief to achieve this degree of disconnect from reality.

“Down is up, up is down. Good is Wicked, Wicked is Good. The times are changing. This is what Oz has come to.”

What happened during the past 7 days?

The Trump cult is still claiming that he is a messiah who has been specially chosen by a God …

(God is clearly a bit of a Dick for choosing such a dishonest twit to be his man)

Jesus is apparently back …

(Well gosh, a prominent conspiracy theorist is now supposedly just like Jesus)

George H.W. Bush makes the news … cue lots of nutty claims …

Hillary Bashing is still a popular pastime …

(If you are struggling with this one, then let me help. The correct answer is “No”)

In this day and age does anybody think civil rights was a bad idea? Apparently yes …

(Here let me fix that for you – “The Civil Rights Movement Inspires immoral racist twits to vent”)

“Them” …

(Religious nut rants about people who don’t believe what he believes – you can paint me unsurprised)

Conspiracy mongering remains a popular sport

(Clearly the Trump cult devotees are getting nervous)

“We want your money” … 

(It always strikes me as a bit odd that the maker of the entire universe is a bit short of $$$ and so needs yours)

Sometimes plans just don’t work out …

(No matter what the outcome, it is always “God’s plan”, or to put that another way “Heads I win and tails you lose”)

Sometimes people do see the light …

She is still religious, what she has dropped is the right-wing political BS – in the end the pure hypocrisy of it all became too much and she took a public stand against it. Her stance has cost her a great deal and the way she is now being treated reveals what these people are really like.

People who are wrong often try even harder to justify their wrongness ..

(“When people go down the rabbit hole that deep, we shouldn’t be surprised when they come out covered in shit”)

The guy working his way through his fridge looking for “Proof of God” is still at it …

(He might come to better conclusions if he got his science from science texts instead of the grocery store)

The Con game …

(Yes, you can indeed get a fictional degree from a fictional school for a fictional topic for the bargain price of thousands of dollars)

Highlight of the Week

CBS ran a documentary that featured ex-evangelicals. Titled “Deconstructing My Religion” it focused upon people who have been traumatised and abused by the modern evangelical movement.

As is highlighted via this link on it ….

CBS didn’t just choose a topic to stick it to Christians; they’re covering a relevant topic in which conservative Christians, under the guise of goodness and biblical values, hurt other people, and they’re featuring voices that ought to be heard on that topic.

That includes members of the “exvangelical” movement — the people who left evangelical Christianity or, as they might put it, the ones who say evangelical Christianity left them. They may still believe in the Christian God, but they want nothing to do with Christian culture. The documentary also, necessarily, covers the white evangelical support of Donald Trump, which is also relevant since it’s perhaps the most obvious example of religious hypocrisy and will undoubtedly have an affect on religious demographics in the nation for decades to come.

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