What to meet other skeptics? … then go hang out at a conference of likeminded folks

If you, as a skeptic, feel a tad isolated, then why not consider the idea of going along to a weekend conference to meet up with other skeptics and also hear some fabulous talks given by some truly amazing people.

I’ve two suggestions for you …

  • Both are April 11-13 (yes the exact same weekend, so you can’t do both)
  • One is US based (New York) and the other is UK based (Manchester)

Both have an amazing lineup of speakers. Curious? OK, here are some details …

In the US: Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism

  • The website to see all the details and signup is here.
  • Costs are reasonable … For the weekend … adults $145 … students $45. They do charge extra for workshops as well and have a menu you can choose from so you can simply pay for the lot, or just pick a couple you are interested in.

OK, one highlight … the list of speakers they have lined up is just amazing …


Now that just must make it all very very tempting.

In the UK : QEDCon

And they also have a truly fabulous list of speakers, for which I offer a small sample (because I’m too lazy right now to cut and paste the lot so click here for the complete list which is still growing) …


So there you go … yet another fabulous line-up.

Is that all there is?

Nope, not at all, here via Tim Farley is the latest list of what is on

Event  Start  End  City  Country 
Int’l Conference: Atheist Centre 75 years 1/5/2014 1/6/2014 Vijayawada India
FoCo Skepticamp 2014 1/11/2014 1/11/2014 Fort Collins, CO United States
CFI NE Ohio Secular Summit 2.0 1/28/2014 1/28/2014 Columbus, OH United States
25th Anniversary Conference of the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) 1/30/2014 1/31/2014 Utrecht The Netherlands
FtBConscience 2 1/31/2014 2/2/2014 Online United States
Surfcoast Summer Skepticamp 2014 2/1/2014 2/1/2014 Aireys Inlet, Victoria Australia
Darwin on the Palouse 2/6/2014 2/9/2014 Moscow, ID & Pullman, WA United States
Darwin Day (Tampa) 2/8/2014 2/8/2014 Clearwater, FL United States
CFI/AU Indiana Civic Day 2/8/2014 2/8/2014 Indianapolis, IN United States
Southern California Secular Humanist Conference 2/15/2014 2/15/2014 San Diego, CA United States
Budapest Conference of Skeptics 2/22/2014 2/22/2014 Budapest Hungary
SASHA Con 3/15/2014 3/16/2014 Columbia, MO United States
ReasonFest 4 4/4/2014 4/5/2014 Lawrence, KS United States
Skep Tech 2 4/4/2014 4/6/2014 Minneapolis, MN United States
SkeptiCamp Chicago 2014 4/5/2014 4/5/2014 Chicago, IL United States
SkeptiCamp Manchester 4/11/2014 4/11/2014 Manchester United Kingdom
QED 2014 4/12/2014 4/13/2014 Manchester United Kingdom
Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism 4/11/2014 4/13/2014 New York, NY United States
Freethought Festival 3 4/11/2014 4/13/2014 Madison, WI United States
American Atheists 2014 National Convention 4/17/2014 4/20/2014 Salt Lake City, UT United States
Northwest Arkansas LogiCon 4/19/2014 4/20/2014 Fayetteville, AR United States
American Ethical Union 99th Annual Assembly 5/1/2014 5/4/2014 Skokie, IL United States
Freedom From Religion Foundation Mini-Convention 2014 5/2/2014 5/3/2014 Raleigh, NC United States
Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference 2014 5/3/2014 5/3/2014 Fullerton, CA United States
Women in Secularism 3 5/16/2014 5/18/2014 Alexandria, VA United States
Imagine No Religion 4 5/16/2014 5/18/2014 Kamloops, BC Canada
Balticon 48 skeptic track 5/23/2014 5/26/2014 Baltimore, MD United States
SkepKon 2014 5/29/2014 5/31/2014 Munich Germany
Future of Ethical Societies Conference 2014 5/30/2014 6/2/2014 Philadelphia, PA United States
SkeptiCal 2014 5/31/2014 5/31/2014 Oakland, CA United States
American Humanist Association 73rd Annual Conference 6/5/2014 6/8/2014 Philadelphia, PA United States
Secular Coalition 2014 Lobby Day & Policy Summit 6/12/2014 6/14/2014 Washington, DC United States
Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference – West 6/20/2014 6/22/2014 Phoenix, AZ United States
Convergence – Skepchickcon 7/3/2014 7/6/2014 Minneapolis, MN United States
The Amaz!ng Meeting 2014 7/10/2014 7/13/2014 Las Vegas, NV United States
Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference – East 7/11/2014 7/13/2014 Columbus, OH United States
Humanism at Work 2014 (FBBCon) 7/18/2014 7/20/2014 Chicago, IL United States
North Texas Secular Convention 7/26/2014 7/27/2014 Denton, TX United States
The Skeptic’s Toolbox 8/7/2014 8/10/2014 Eugene, OR United States
World Humanist Congress 2014 8/8/2014 8/10/2014 Oxford United Kingdom
Nine Worlds Geekfest skeptic track 8/8/2014 8/10/2014 London United Kingdom
FreeOK 2014 8/9/2014 8/10/2014 Tulsa, OK United States
DragonCon Skeptrack 8/29/2014 9/1/2014 Atlanta, GA United States
2014 Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference 8/29/2014 8/31/2014 Pittsburgh, PA United States
Denkfest 9/11/2014 9/14/2014 Zurich Switzerland
Apostacon 9/19/2014 9/21/2014 Omaha, NE United States
Kritisk Masse (Critical Mass) 9/26/2014 9/28/2014 Oslo Norway
Carolinas Secular Conference 9/26/2014 9/28/2014 Charlotte, NC United States
Florida Secular Rally 10/5/2014 10/5/2014 Tallahassee, FL United States
Freethought Day 10/11/2014 10/11/2014 Sacramento, CA United States
Secular Conference: Religious-Right, Secularism and Civil Rights 10/11/2014 10/12/2014 London United Kingdom
Freedom From Religion Foundation 37th Annual National Convention 10/24/2014 10/25/2014 Los Angeles, CA United States
Australian National Skeptics Convention 2014 11/28/2014 11/30/2014 Sydney Australia
New Zealand Skeptics Conference 2014 12/5/2014 12/7/2014 Auckland New Zealand
16th European Skeptics Congress 9/10/2015 9/13/2015 London United Kingdom
Freedom From Religion Foundation 38th Annual National Convention 10/9/2015 10/10/2015 Madison, WI United States


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