How to Change Minds – A Street Epistemology Inspired Video

Street Epistemology

I would argue that effective meaningful communication is itself both an art and a craft, so it is perhaps wholly appropriate for an artist to create something that does just that. What is the Story Here? Back in 2017, Artist Rebecca Fox and also Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco had display tables at the QEDCon conference in Manchester … Read more

#QEDCon – Sunday Pictures (Posting 2 of 2 or perhaps 3 … or 4)


This is the second of a set of two #QEDCon postings, the first one was yesterday. Well OK, it will actually the second of a set of three because I’d like to do another posting tomorrow to highlight the Ockham awards. In fact, now that I think of it, I also did a skepticamp posting … Read more

#QEDCon – Saturday Pictures (Posting 1 of 2)


Once a year an amazing event takes place in Manchester that is known as QED (#QEDcon). It is a two-day science and skepticism weekend celebration of science, reason and critical thinking, and this past weekend (14-15 Oct) was this year’s happening. The posting today, the first of a set of two, contains a few pictures I took on … Read more

Out of Body Experiences – Is this proof of the supernatural? – #QEDcon

During this last weekend I listened to psychologist Susan Blackmore recount to a packed audience at QEDcon her Out-Of-Body experience that occurred when she was a young student at Oxford back in the 1970s. At that time she ran the Oxford University Society for Psychical Research (OUSPR). Was this experience proof that beyond our reality is another … Read more