Channel4News censored a cartoon in fear of causing ‘offense’

Carrying on from yesterday where I wrote about British Muslim Maajid Nawaz getting death threats in response to tweeting a Jesus & Mo picture and explaining that he was not offended by it, would you now believe that Channel4News did a report on it, and in the process they actually censored the Jesus & Mo cartoon in fear of causing ‘offence’ – that in turn offended rather a lot of people.

Here is what they did …


Just to make this totally clear the Friendly Atheist has this explanation for you, according to Channel4 News …

What they did is truly offensive, so I complained. I’m not convinced they will pay any attention, but at least I made my point. (The link to complain about this is here).

Meanwhile back in the real world there are many things to be truly offended about such as …

  • Murdering political leaders who suggest that blasphemy laws should be reformed
  • Shooting schoolgirls in the head
  • Banning women from driving … or banning them from sitting with men
  • Intolerance, homophobia, violence, intimidation and murder … all in the name of a belief.

None of the above appears to bother the Islamists who have self-appointed themselves to speak on behalf of all Muslims (they don’t) – so what apparently offends them is a cartoon, that is what gets them all hot and bothered and nothing else on that list above does – now that truly is offensive.

And so now we have Channel 4 News pandering to emotional blackmail, and afraid to offend people who hold daft beliefs.

The bottom line is this, the thing that Channel 4 truly do not get is that irrational beliefs do not have rights and need not be respected nor  pandered to in any way, only people have rights.

OK, so moving on – apart from the censorship, the report itself was not too bad, at one point Jon Snow quite rightly gives Liberal Democrat Muslim Mohammed Shafiq a rather hard time by pointing out that he is being neither liberal nor democratic, and observes that nobody has elected him to speak on behalf of all Muslims.

Here in fact is that report that was broadcast …

Now that you have seen the Channel4 News slot and know what Mohammed looks like, you will now be able to easily spot him … in fact, here he is down at the Southbank today …


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