Oatmeal for breakfast

Side Note: This posting might sound like an infomercial ad. I don’t do that … ever. This is here because I really really like what this guy does.

While porridge is indeed a great way to start the day, that is not the Oatmeal I’m referring to. Instead, the portion of Oatmeal I have for you comes from Seattle based cartoonist Matthew Inman. Using the name “The Oatmeal” he creates cartoons that are a perfect blend of both entertainment and also insightfulness.

This recent example illustrates this very well because it gives you a fascinating insight into why with specific beliefs appear to be immune to facts. He does this by not simply explaining it, but he takes you on that journey so that you personally experience this yourself as you scroll down, then lays out at the end exactly why this happens.

If you surf on over there, then you will find … no wait, I’ll not spoil it for you. In fact if I did explain it, you might not actually believe me.

Well OK then, here is a teaser, the first few panels, and if curious, then click here to find the rest …

Invest a bit of time and I promise you will be both entertained and educated.

Because it is in fact quite educational, he also has a classroom friendly version as well …

As I stated up front, you might wonder if I have some commercial interest here, well I don’t. My only motivation is that I enjoy his cartoons, really liked this latest one, and I think you also might as well. Beyond just being entertaining, he also makes a rather insightful point as well, oh and it is also the weekend, so it is time to chill out a bit.


Further Information

He is popular, and not only does he have over half a million twitter followers, his site gets millions of visitors.

I should perhaps also add that he is also one of the good guys …

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