Are there Fact Checking standards for fact checkers?

fact checking

Trump might slag off the media as the “enemy of the people”, but that never deters him from happily using them as a soapbox for his creative interviews that are commonly devoid of facts. After his recent Washington Post interview, they found it necessary to publish some fact-checking a couple of days ago … “We’re … Read more

How do Conservative Christians find Alternative Facts?

alternative facts

Francesca Tripodi, a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Virginia, has released a report that is quite frankly fascinating. Titled “Searching for Alternative Facts” and released on 16th May, it lays out the results of her research within upper-middle class conservative Christian communities in Virginia in 2017. People who believe and read the bible often tend … Read more

Fake News: A human bias against working out what is real?

Fake News

A group of researchers from Yale University have published a working paper that discusses two studies that demonstrate that some people have a tendency to be far more prone to an acceptance of Fake News than others. It is entitled “Reduced Analytic and Actively Open-Minded Thinking Help to Explain the Link between Belief in Fake … Read more

Is it possible to vaccinate against Fake News?

fake news

Before we dip into the context of Fake News, let’s first cover the basics. The vaccine concept is generally known but let’s repeat it anyway for completeness. A vaccine involves being exposed to a variation of a pathogen that will not actually harm you. That then stimulates your immune system into developing resistance to a harmful … Read more

Fox News and Alex Jones Are Being Sued for Conspiracy Mongering

Alex Jones

Both Fox News and also Alex Jones have a rather well-known reputation for being promoters of fiction as fact. If either of them are your only news sources, or are simply your primary news sources then it is distinctly probably that your grasp upon reality and facts is, and will continue to be, rather elusive. … Read more