5G and COVID-19

5G masts are being attacked.
5G masts are being attacked by conspiracy theorists and telecommunications staff are being physically attacked

I’ve previously written about the “5G will harm us” claims being utterly unfounded and bereft of any credible evidence (May of last year). That however was prior to the emergence of COVID-19.

Now that COVID-19 has emerged it has become clear that 5G does indeed cause COVID-19 .. oh wait, that’s not true.

I’m going to strive to keep this as simple as possible.

What should you do if concerned?

If you do indeed seriously think that 5G will cause you harm, then you need to immediately switch off all the lights in your house, decommission your laptop/PC, disable your TV, and never ever go outside.


OK, let me lay it all out in very simple terms.

5G operates at a relatively low frequency and low energy level. To be specific, this is the 28 and 39 gigahertz range. This is too low to cause direct harm to tissue.

Criticism of 5G is that it operates at a frequency that is higher than 3G or 4G.

That is correct, so let’s jump over that and push it way up beyond the 5G electromagnetic range. If we go for the 400–700 THz – that’s terahertz – then is that dangerous?

Nope, what you have at that frequency is light.

In other words, your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies from simply watching TV, using your laptop, or stepping outside is far higher than the 5G range.

So what about all the crazy wild speculation?

When I say crazy, I really do mean crazy.

5G was rolled out in Wuhan. Since that is where COVID-19 first came from, then the pattern seeking engine between some ears jumped to the conclusion that 5G causes COVID-19. That is about as credible as somebody deciding that tomatoes are deadly because every single human who consumed any in the years 1790 to 1860 is now dead.

There is however one big EMF risk?

It has been demonstrated and verified that exposure to one very specific electromagnetic frequency does cause real harm.

If people are exposed on a regular basis to Fox News or websites promoting unfounded fantasies, then you will end up believing stuff that is simply not true.

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