Cosmos under attack

As one might expect, the anti-science brigade in the US, commonly referred to as the religious right, is out in force and has a stake setup in some courtyard ready to burn the rebooted Cosmos. In fact, one can’t help but get the feeling that regardless of the actual content, they were ready to be … Read more

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Sees ‘Evening Star’ Earth

Now this might not look like much, but that is a picture taken on MARS and in the sky is everything we have ever known or loved in one tiny blue dot (hat tip to Carl for that thought) … Hey, I can’t see it, can you zoom in? Sure, here you go, and guess … Read more

Creationist Debate: Ken Ham vs Bill Nye – It’s today, but is it a good idea?

Today is the day that Ken Ham, the creationist kook (boo), and Bill Nye the science guy (yea), go head to head in debate … oh sorry, did I betray an ever so slight bias there? Well, the facts are that creationism has no evidence, zero, nada, zilch and is just wrong. There is no … Read more

Interested in being educated at MIT for free? … Well, now you can.

I tripped over this today and thought to myself … “Ohhh interesting” … MIT have put all their courses on-line and made them freely available to all. “The idea is simple: to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.” Dick K.P. Yue, Professor, MIT School of Engineering OK, … Read more

“Map of Life” Shows the Location of All Organisms, Large and Small

Wow this is cool … (translation: “Oh here is something I like”) OK, so what exactly do we have here? Well, a team of researchers has embarked on a potentially groundbreaking project known as the Map of Life — an online database designed to catalog and locate every known plant and animal species on Earth, and is led … Read more

Unintelligent design … the debate continues

As a parody of “Intelligent design”, Keith Gilmour, a UK-based secondary school teacher set up a website called “The Centre for Unintelligent design” last year. In response Creationists have been popping up and scribbling a few daft claims to him to put him right … except what they are claiming is simply making them look even sillier … Read more