Daft Claim: Humanism is a ‘first-class ticket to a sea of wantonness and deabauchery’ and generally ‘demonic.’

I like watching the BBC’s The Big Question, not simply because I wish to learn something, but because it can be quite entertaining to see ideas openly tested in public. Additionally, you can also depend upon the BBC to seed the audience with a few nuts who will quite happily commune with the mother ship … Read more

Stephen Fry illustrates … How to Embarrass a TV Interviewer

Famous (in Ireland) Irish TV Personality, Gay Byrne (that really is his name, not his orientation,it is an abbreviation for Gabriel), recently interviewed well-known and highly popular comedian Stephen Fry on one episode of his TV series “The Meaning of Life” in which he interviews well-known individuals with a set a predictable questions. Now Stephen Fry, knowing what … Read more

10 new improved and far better commandments

There has been a “10 ‘Non-Commandments’ Contest,” in which people were asked to offer modern and far better alternatives to the famous 10, and the prize on offer for the winner was $10,000. Who is doing this? Lex Bayer, an executive at AirBnB, and John Figdor, a humanist chaplain at Stanford University Why? The cynical might simply make … Read more

Ban of Humanist Weddings in UK a political decision by the tories

The news is out, Number 10 has made a decision that Humanists don’t matter and are just a fringe group so there is no need to pander to them in order to win votes. The British Humanist Association sums it all up here … The British Humanist Association (BHA) has responded with shock and disappointment at reports … Read more

Why can’t I remember?

Today, the Sunday closest to 11th of November, is the day on which wreaths are formally laid in remembrance at Whitehall, in Central London. Many of those that fought and died were atheists and humanists, but today only the religious are represented, the non-religious have been specifically excluded. As noted on the campaign site for a 21st century remembrance… The Defence Humanists and … Read more

Why does a Witch Hunter have a £500 Million libel against @BHAhumanists ?

It sounds like a joke, or perhaps satire – A Nigerian Witch Hunter is suing the British Humanist Association for the princely sum of £500 Million. It this real? Yes it is. Padraig Reidy explains about all of this at Index on Censorship … Her specific claim against the BHA is that an article on its website claimed … Read more