Knocking over the trophies of god

Paul Poulton is a singer/songwriter, author and speaker who has written a small posting that caught my attention. He writes … Social media is now a part of people’s lives and it’s a lot harder for people who have faith to make a statement without it going unchallenged.  … and since he is posting this on … Read moreKnocking over the trophies of god

Stephen Fry illustrates … How to Embarrass a TV Interviewer

Famous (in Ireland) Irish TV Personality, Gay Byrne (that really is his name, not his orientation,it is an abbreviation for Gabriel), recently interviewed well-known and highly popular comedian Stephen Fry on one episode of his TV series “The Meaning of Life” in which he interviews well-known individuals with a set a predictable questions. Now Stephen Fry, knowing what … Read moreStephen Fry illustrates … How to Embarrass a TV Interviewer

Atheist, Skeptic or Humanist … which of these are you?

Atheism is a one subject topic … basically, “Is there a God, Yes or No?” and disbelief is simply the non-theist conclusion. That is it, that is the entire and complete scope of Atheism. It says nothing about anything else at all, there is no set of rules, no dogma, no guidance at all, it … Read moreAtheist, Skeptic or Humanist … which of these are you?

TAM London starts …. Now.

Yes the big day is finally here … its the official start of TAM London today. If you have no idea what the heck I’m on about, then check out the official web site here … as for the speaker lineup … its very very impressive and includes … Graham Linehan – television writer, actor … Read moreTAM London starts …. Now.