The truth about Alex Jones

Alex Jones

You are probably familiar with Alex Jones. He is generally viewed as a conspiracy theorist who has over the years promoted some truly weird claims that have no evidence at all. Truth, honesty, integrity, or for that matter, evidence, are all very much out of scope. Specific examples of his claims includes … The Sandy … Read more

Happier Times: President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Obama has a sense of humour

Whatever your politics might happen to be, you simply can’t deny that the man had (and still has) both class and dignity, then enacted that special magic of combining all that with a sense of humour. Well OK, some might deny it, but they tend to be the same folks who deem reality, science, and … Read more

Monkey Selfie legal case settled – The Monkey gets 25%

Monkey Selfie

Back in 2011 photographer David Slater was in the Indonesian jungle and had setup his camera. A rather playful troop of crested macaque monkeys that he had befriended starting larking about with his camera, and soon one ended up taking the above monkey selfie. Now here is the key question. Who owns the copyright to that picture? Generally … Read more