The truth about Alex Jones

Alex Jones

You are probably familiar with Alex Jones. He is generally viewed as a conspiracy theorist who has over the years promoted some truly weird claims that have no evidence at all. Truth, honesty, integrity, or for that matter, evidence, are all very much out of scope. Specific examples of his claims includes … The Sandy … Read more

John Oliver has a quick Update on Pastor John Oliver’s Church

You might, or might not, remember that John Oliver did a segment on the property gospel fraudsters who basically use religious belief as their very own get-rick-quick scam and happily prey upon the desperate and the gullible (I pointed you at the clip on that a couple of weeks ago). His show is one when he … Read more

John Oliver has a few observations on Televangelists

John Oliver takes aim at the prosperity gospel swindlers and nails them beautifully. This one is doing the rounds, and yet it is so good that it deserves to be highlighted and promoted, and so that is exactly what I’m doing. I confess that I loved this because these fraudsters are not simply harmless religious cranks, … Read more