Clinical trials of integrative medicine: testing whether magic works?

You might perhaps be wondering what the term “integrative medicine” actually means, well if curious and you asked, you would get distinctly different answers. For those that support the concept you will be advised that “it treats the “whole person,” focuses on wellness and health rather than on treating disease, and emphasizes the patient-physician relationship“, however … Read more

Food gadgets – Which work and which don’t ?

Available these days are various gadgets that claim to save you money because they help to preserve fruit and veg for longer. Now when I use the term “gadget”, I do not mean some fancy bit of electronics, but rather a simple bit of plastic, cotton bag, or similar that is supposed to help preserve … Read more

Alternative medicines can’t escape the long arm of the law

Edzard Ernst is an impressive chap, not only is he a prize-winning physician, but he is also the founder of two medical journals. And if that is not enough, he was also the first chair in complementary medicine at the University of Exeter and is also the co-author of “Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on … Read more