How can a doctor be an atheist?


A chap called Bill Dunn has written an essay that has attracted a bit of attention. It has been published within the Catholic Transcript, a magazine of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut. When I say “attention”, what I actually mean is that it popped up in my Google news feed so it perhaps implies a sufficient … Read more

Is there a good reason to think that there is a God?


There are humans who doubt and do not believe, and there are humans that do sincerely believe. Today I’d like to briefly mull over some of the common arguments presented by those that embrace the concept of a God. Disclaimer: I’m not a believer. Well something much have started it all The argument tends to … Read more

Bill Maher: the Moral bankruptcy of Evangelicals

Bill Maher

Let’s take a break from my normal postings and spend 5 minutes today with Bill Maher. He has a few words concerning third rails … Thanks to Trump, piety itself has ceased to be a third rail in American politics. How could it anymore when the world’s least godly man has been so fully embraced … Read more

Skyrocketing Atheism Seen Among America’s Teens


The source for Today’s news comes, not from an impartial poll, but rather is sourced from a poll by Barna, an evangelical Christian polling firm based in Ventura, California. To be honest, given their specific bias, I’d be inclined to take any polling results they might advance on any topic, no matter how much I … Read more

Disbelieving Myths to be made illegal in Egypt

atheism in egypt

Atheism in Egypt is back in the news. The correct term to describe a person who does not believe that a god or gods exist is the word “Atheist”. If you are not sure about that, and many of those that do believe do actually reject it as the correct word, then simply google the … Read more

Billboard: “Just skip church, its all fake news”

American Atheists have their traditional seasonal billboard campaign in full swing, and as you can perhaps anticipate, the perpetually ready to be offended are (insert drum roll here) … offended at the very idea that the traditional Christmas story is fake news and did not actually happen. As pointed out by Newsweek, some being offended … Read more