Why did people actually vote for #BREXIT in the UK? 2

To anybody outside the UK, the observation that a majority of those voting went against what is in their best interests and voted for the UK to leave the European Union is quite puzzling. However, once you move beyond the initial emotional shock, you then discover that the generally accepted explanation […]

UKIP MP Claims: “Experts are wrong about the moon causing ocean tides”

Within the UK there is a political party known as UKIP (or UK Independence Party). It has developed a bit of a reputation over the years as a bastion of some rather odd ideas and so this is all about the latest example of such weirdness. A previous and rather famous […]

Legal Expert: #Brexit campaign was ‘criminally irresponsible’

If you have not yet viewed this, and are interested in what actually happened during the #BREXIT campaigns, then you should watch the following video. In it Professor Michael Dougan assesses UK’s position following vote to leave the EU. As a legal expert he is also very vocally critical of the […]

Professor A C Grayling’s letter to all 650 MPs – #BREXIT 1

The well-known philosopher and founder of the New Humanities college, A C Grayling has written a letter to all 650 MPs regarding the #BREXIT vote. The letter has been posted on the New College of Humanities website and has the following note added to it … Please note: The following […]

What happens to UK Science after the #BREXIT shock?

“WE can go it alone, we don’t need them” has been a LEAVE stance, and yet if the UK is indeed to thrive outside the EU then there will need to be a considerable scientific investment to make up for the sudden absence of EU funding. It also of course […]

What happens now that #BREXIT has become a reality? – #EURef

(Rant Mode on) I never believed it and simply did not grasp that it would actually happen. Why not? Well because I simply did not think that we had a sufficiently large enough number of utterly stupid people who were so bereft of any and all common sense that they were unable […]