Is Humanism a religion? – #WHC2014

Andrew Brown (yes he is at it again) has an article in which he asks if Humanism is a religion without a church. OK, lets get a few quick points out of the way … The short simple answer is “no” it is not (but since you have a bit of common sense you had … Read more

Bangladesh blogger Asif Mohiuddin at #WHC2014

Last year Bangladesh blogger Asif Mohiuddin was brutally stabbed by the Islamists, and then arrested for the crime of being an atheist and sent to jail. (I blogged about it here and also here and here) Well, I have a fabalous update for you. Asif attended the World Humanist Congress last weekend in Oxford and has an amazing story to tell. That … Read more

Its the world Humanist conference this weekend

This weekend, the world Humanist Conference is taking place in Oxford, so if you like meeting lots of very interesting people then that is the place that you need to be in. Apparently this only happens every three years, and each time it takes place in a different country, so if you will be missing … Read more