Anti-vaccine kooks still at it

All parents will strive to do what is best for their kids, so when faced with a photograph of a mother cradling her naked baby accompanied by the words: “Vaccines: Know the risks.” it gains some attention. The image is faded out, and then replaced by the Statue of Liberty and “Vaccination. Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.”, how would any parent react?

The ad links to Mercola and NVIC  websites full of articles blaming common ingredients in vaccines for a number of health problems from breast cancer to infertility. The very seed of doubt is enough to cause any concerned parent to pause and opt not to vaccinate.

The only problem is that it is all an outright lie.

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Fraudulent claim about MMR and Autism – the data was faked

The news is out, Andrew Wakefield’s study that claimed to prove a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism was not just shoddy, he actually faked the data, so it was outright fraud. Why would he have done this, where was his integrity? It turns out that he was being paid by a law firm … Read more