Vaccines save lives … anti-vaccine beliefs kill.

25 year old Gareth Williams has become the first person with measles to die in the latest Swansea outbreak. So why in the 21st century, an age of highly effective vaccines, do we now once again have an outbreak of a very preventable highly infectious disease? It is all down to one man, Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced Doctor who was struck … Read more


In the UK, the Thames Valley Health Protection Unit has issued a letter to the parents of every single child via the local Education Authorities because there has been an increasing number of cases of measles during 2011, especially among children. A similar rise has been observed in other countries in Europe, especially France, but also including Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany. What has been happening is that folks have been away on vacation, and as a result their unimmunised children have been picking up measles, and then bringing it back.

In the US it is a similar story, they are on course to have its worst outbreak of measles in more than a decade. Travellers are catching the highly contagious illness while on vacation, then bringing it back to the U.S.

What is going on here?

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Fraudulent claim about MMR and Autism – the data was faked

The news is out, Andrew Wakefield’s study that claimed to prove a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism was not just shoddy, he actually faked the data, so it was outright fraud. Why would he have done this, where was his integrity? It turns out that he was being paid by a law firm … Read more