Weird: “Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Fred Phelps’ Funeral, Says Daughter”

Claim: Westboro Baptist church plans to picket the funeral of their founder Fred Phelps Status: False … the Twitter account @MargieJPhelps once really did belong to the daughter of the Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., but no, the tweets were created by @Grampscramps as satire If you had previously seen the claim, then you  might indeed have been tempted … Read more

Request for legal protection of “Classical Electrodynamics”, a truly sacred book.

This is hilarious and is satire at its very best.  It first came out today and has been rapidly spreading through the Skeptical Echo Chamber  … PZ blogged it here …  Richard Dawkins has also Blogged it here (I think RD might be patient zero for this) … I also suspect many others will soon … Read more