Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News Items


I started out doing “Top 3 Religious News Items” and that then evolved into “Weird Religious News”. What does become clear over time is that this is not just about belief. The majority of humans inherit a cultural tradition, and most will generally participate and adhere to the bits they enjoy with varying degrees of … Read moreWeird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News Items

Weird Religious News – Trump & Friends at CPAC


It’s that time of year again when we have what must be more or less a wet-dream for that blend of right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism. This past week saw CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) take place. No longer is this event a traditional Conservative event, this is a new shiny CPAC reformed in the … Read moreWeird Religious News – Trump & Friends at CPAC

New Creationist Book: “Darwin Devolves”

Darwin Devolves

Biochemist Michael Behe of Lehigh University has a new book that will shortly emerge titled “Darwin Devolves”. While it will be a huge hit amongst Creationists, the wider scientific community will simply eye-roll and move on beyond this train wreck. It is not out until the end of the month, yet there has already been … Read moreNew Creationist Book: “Darwin Devolves”

Weird Religious News – GOP Jesus “Blessed are the Rich and F**k the poor”

weird religious news - cartoon by Rob Rogers

That “blessed” blend of right-wing politics and religious belief has given us a truly weird form of entertainment. Each and every week it delivers up a constant stream consisting of the utterly bizarre rantings and ravings of these lunatics. In their eyes, those that advocate compassion for the less fortunate, affordable health care for all, … Read moreWeird Religious News – GOP Jesus “Blessed are the Rich and F**k the poor”

Weird Religious News – Trump’s Unicorns


The word weird is of course wholly appropriate for the blend of religion and right-wing politics. Other words that naturally come to mind include “delusional” and “fantasy” because these are folks who don’t just read books about Narnia, but instead they have moved in, taken up residence, and live there. This is a place where … Read moreWeird Religious News – Trump’s Unicorns