Dutch Racist Christian traditions are way over the line of “Acceptable”

Jake Simons writes in today’s Telegraph about a truly obnoxious Dutch tradition – it surprised me, I’d not previously known about this. The current tradition is in fact not all that old and dates back to Jan Schenkman’s popular 1850 book “Saint Nicholas and His Servant“. So basically what happens is that on 5th December … Read more

Mississippi church bans African American wedding

This one truly falls into the WTF category. The rather nice looking couple (Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson pictured here) wished to get married, so they put all the arrangement in place to do so at the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs in Mississippi. Well unfortunately things did not pan out. As reported in the Guardian … The … Read more

There is an appalling degree of Racism in middle eastern culture

Robert Fisk highlights in today’s Independent, the quite frankly appalling human rights abuses that appears to be culturally endemic in the middle east. We might indeed have folks around us who are racist, but culturally we do not generally tolerate it, but instead denounce such lunatics. What Mr Fisk highlights is something quite different, a … Read more