Can you spot Fake News? (Try the quiz to test your skills) #factitious

The enabler of Fake News is that humans respond to information at an emotional level. We might indeed criticise “them” for living inside an information bubble, but the truth is that we are all as individuals crafting echo chambers to one degree or another by selecting information that agrees with our preconceived views and resisting … Read more

Quick quiz that examines your thoughts on religious liberty

With Kim Davis and all her supporters screaming about being oppressed, there is a nice little quiz that they should consider taking. It first appeared a few years ago in the Huff Po, but has not remained static and has been updated. Here is a sample of the first few questions … 2. My religious liberty … Read more

Are You a Humanist?

The British Humanist Association has a fun little quiz for you to try out and see if you are a Humanist but never knew it. It is a set of roughly ten simple questions such as … Does God exist? with options such as (It depends what you mean, Yes, No, I don’t know, etc), … Read more