Are You a Humanist?

bhalogofullThe British Humanist Association has a fun little quiz for you to try out and see if you are a Humanist but never knew it.

It is a set of roughly ten simple questions such as … Does God exist? with options such as (It depends what you mean, Yes, No, I don’t know, etc), so you can rapidly move through the questions and get an answer at the end that tells you how Humanist (or not) you actually are.

Sanity Warning: it is just a but a fun, and is not in any way a real measurement. It is perhaps also a rather cool way to get some who did not previously know what humanism actually was to begin to grasp it, and perhaps awaken further interest.

So what did you score? … apparently I’m only 96% humanist (I’m not quite sure where I lost that last 4%).

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