Pew Poll: Do we really trust Scientific Experts?

scientific experts

A couple of days ago (2nd Aug 2019) Pew released their latest data from a public poll of how much we trust scientific experts. Titled “Trust and Mistrust in Americans’ Views of Scientific Experts” it is actually rather encouraging. What exactly did they find? From a survey that they conducted in January 2019, they have … Read more

The Pew Religious Knowledge Quiz

religious knowledge

On the surface this might appear to be a posting that is simply reporting the results of the latest Pew survey of Religious Knowledge. It is not. Instead I am using the insights gained from it to point out a few rather fascinating details. The latest Pew Quiz Published on 23rd July 2019, pew published … Read more

Pew have a new way of measuring what you believe

religious survey

Often a survey or poll will ask you to tick an option such as those illustrated above. Many will dutifully respond and tick the option that best describes their cultural heritage. This however says nothing at all about what people actually believe, but instead perhaps reflects their ethnic or cultural heritage. If you want to … Read more

Why are people who once believed rejecting religion?


Pew has just published further insights into the rise of the religiously unaffiliated in the US. Moving beyond the data observation that that there is a growing demographic of “nones” (not religious), then picked a randomly selected group of people who had previously identified as a none and asked them why they chose to not … Read more

Pew Poll Results: Why do the nones reject religious belief?

The rise of a new demography across the US human landscape is perhaps well-known. Various pew-research polls have established that as many as almost 1 in 4 (to be more precise 23%) have opted out, no longer retain a belief,  and do not identify themselves as religious. As reported by pew in May 2015 … Religious … Read more