2012 Nobel Prize: Peace

The Nobel peace prize is one that sets my skeptical alarm bells ringing. The science based Nobel Prizes (Medicine, Physics and Chemistry) leave us all standing in awe of both the discoveries and the discoverers, all those laureates are truly applaud worthy, and year after year it remains a consistent pattern. The Literature prize may indeed leave many asking … Read more 2012 Nobel Prize: Peace

2012 Nobel Prize: Literature

It is literature day for the Nobel Prize … not strictly science, but still perhaps interesting to note who has been spotlighted for crafting and shaping human thoughts, dreams, and aspirations … all carefully massaged to inspire or provoke. To use the words of Nobel himself, a prize for … “the person who shall have produced … Read more 2012 Nobel Prize: Literature

2012 Nobel Prize: Chemistry

Today we have the announcement of the Chemistry Nobel Prize, and yes I’m more of a physics fan so perhaps yesterday was my own personal highlight. Now, before we get to the details, first a quick side tour. Grrlscientist’s Guardian Column has a nice little article on Nobel Prize Quackpottery within which she highlights some of the … Read more 2012 Nobel Prize: Chemistry