Antibiotics … the shelf is empty

Nature reports a rather scary story. It is an item of news that many have known was coming … bacteria have now become resistant to the powerful carbapenem antibiotics — one of the last drugs left on the shelf. The article starts with a rather stark warning … …it was worrying to hear Thomas Frieden and … Read more

Flu breakthrough

Every year I take time off to make a trek to a local clinic for a flu shot (OK, so this year was different, I did honestly intend to go, I just never got around to it). So why do I keep doing this most years (when I remember) , why can’t I just do … Read more

Insights on healthy aging

[This is a repost from the Harvard Gazette … original here] Harvard researchers have uncovered a mechanism through which caloric restriction and exercise delay some of the debilitating effects of aging by rejuvenating the connections between nerves and the muscles that they control. The research, conducted in the labs of Joshua Sanes and Jeff Lichtman, … Read more


Is physical immortality possible today? Nope, not yet, but you might be surprised to learn about somebody who has come quite close. In the 1950’s a young lady called Henrietta Lacks was admitted to Johns Hopkins and sadly diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctors attending had not seen a tumor like it before, so they … Read more