Kevin Sorbo ticks yet another box on the road to complete lunacy

Yes, the actor Kevin Sorbo (pictured above playing Hercules) had done it again, and has managed to tick one more box on his journey down the road named “Complete loony street”. OK, let’s have a quick recap and see where we have been so far prior to this latest blooper… we had a silly anti-atheist rant here (18th Aug) … Read more

Daft Claim: “Atheists are angry because they secretly know God exists and is judging them”

Yep, Mr Sorbo (pictured above in one of his acting roles) is once again off on one of his rants. Least you wonder, the actor Kevin Sorbo, has been getting a bit of a reputation as a complete kook due to his recent spate of outbursts against people who dare to not actually believe in a god. … Read more